What is eat stop eat diet?

The eat stop eat diet involves fasting for short intervals regularly. Fasting has been practiced in this world for many years and one of its major effects includes weight loss. The method of fasting for short periods of time is called intermittent fasting. This approach is all about reducing the amount of calories but without causing malnutrition.

Unlike other methods, intermittent fasting revolves around when to eat and when not to eat mostly. To get your ultimate guide on the intermittent fasting method visit the blog Wisejug and begin right away.

Once you begin, following this method to lose weight might seem difficult and impossible at some point. However the key is to not lose motivation during the first few days. As it’s said, nothing worth having comes easy.

You can begin this journey slowly and steadily by fasting 2-3 days a week, this way you won’t lose enthusiasm to continue your eat stop eat diet plan. In due course you will start to feel comfortable with this method and see prominent changes in your body.

How this diet works is quite simple. The moment you start fasting your body will have no other option but to use up the body’s fat for energy. Instead of getting energy from the food you consume, your body will burn calories from the stored body fat. As a result, your body will start to lose weight and you will get rid of the excess body fat you are tired of carrying around all the time.

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