The Different Types of Laser Hair Removal Systems

Not too long ago electrolysis was state of the art technology. Not anymore now it's laser hair removal. And for good reason, other techniques of hair removal can be considered torture if utilized by the CIA. Check this link right here to get more information about the best laser hair removal.

The Different Types of Laser Hair Removal Systems

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As recognition for laser hair removal keeps growing so does the demand for good excellent user-friendly laser systems. The manufactures of the new systems have followed suit and continued to flourish too. The FDA is having a tough time keeping up with the acceptance for most new devices.

R&D proceeds and new products are released as old ones are getting to be familiar, nonetheless here's a list of the more common laser systems in use now.

The Ruby Laser is the first instrument popularized by early practitioners. It's effective for light and fine hair. It can't be used on patients with darker skin, including individuals with tanned skin or higher melanin concentration.

The Alexandrite Laser can quickly treat large areas and due to this, it's extremely popular. It's effective on individuals with light-to-olive complexion.

The Diode Laser works best on darker skinned individuals. It is not as successful on lighter, finer hair. It can treat large areas and has a quick laser repetition, allowing the technician to move quickly across large regions of thick hair.

The long pulse ND: YAG laser is effective on all complexions, including tanned and dark-skinned patients. The rapid repetition rates also allow for larger areas to be treated immediately. This laser causes the most discomfort during the procedure and for this reason, isn't as popular as some of the others. 

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