Berries For Losing Weight

Courtesy: Modern Farmer

With more people willing to lose weight, there are more people also coming up with new, innovative ways of losing weight. However, as most diet planners or nutritionists suggest, a proper diet is important for losing weight. Berries are an important part of this weight loss diet plan for the following reasons:

1. Berries regulate sugar level in your blood

Strawberries, a type of berries, has key antioxidants which allows it to block the enzyme from breaking starch into simple sugar in the body. Hence, leading to reduction in blood sugar and insulin levels in the body after meals. As, excess sugar contributes to fat cells, eating more berries can actually help you in reducing your weight. Hence, it is great idea to eat strawberries as snacks during the day.

2. Berries boosts the metabolism rate in the body

Raspberries in particular have ketones, a natural substance which plays a great role in preventing the increase of body fat, or especially visceral fat which is more dangerous. One can add raspberries to their cereal in the more or use as a healthy topping for their French toast or pancakes.

3. Berries are a great source of fiber

The more fiber one eats, the more calories he or she is able to eliminate. Berries, rich in fiber, hence are important for weight loss. Hence, it is a great idea to make berry smoothies or add them in salads, to great both delicious and effective weight loss meals.

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All round fitness helps in weight loss


Most people only put focus on losing weight and getting rid of the excess inches off their waist. This is however an incorrect approach for long term fitness and weight loss. The right way to lose weight is by maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle all through out. Nutrition and good food also plays a vital role in weight loss and a good lifestyle. Detox is also important to flush out toxins from the body. The bad toxins when removed lead to glowing and smooth skin.

Exercise in landscapes and a happy atmosphere

It is best to exercise or workout in an open space as the fresh air makes one feel energized and motivated to work out for a longer time. The closed rooms are not filled with fresh air and air condition gyms or zumba classes do not help one get the good health benefits of fresh air and sunlight. It is better to join a fitness camp that is held in the outdoors for a better workout session.

Enjoy massage and spa in your fitness camp

The fitness camps also have spa and massage treatments for rejuvenation and relaxation of the body and muscles. The Weight Loss Camp in Thailand allows great spa and massage therapy along with muscle and strength training. One must definitely go on a fitness camp vacation to get the best health benefits. Thailand is one such great place to relax and rejuvenate for a vacation oriented to fitness.

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