Tips for Proofreading Transcripts

There are three essential approaches to proofread transcripts. You may stumble upon journalists that prefer it one way over any other. One way to proofread is via printing out a whole transcript and studying the difficult replica. Mark the corrections honestly with a pen, and then scan in the pages on which you've made corrections in your laptop. Then, e mail that file back to the reporter or enterprise. This approach has numerous benefits:

  • You don't need to take a seat at the laptop to do it. You may take the work everywhere!
  • You may time to time trap extra mistakes while you're reading a hard copy. For the best services visit
  • No need to switch back and forth among programs for your laptop to kind down corrections. Sometimes a simple mark is all you need when marking at the transcript–list corrections regularly calls for you to explain the mistake: "No comma after "hustle".

Disadvantages of hard-replica analyzing encompass:

  • You need to provide your personal laser printer, paper, and scanner (Use every sheet of paper twice (two clean sides!).
  • Scanning plenty of pages can be time consuming.

The second one approach to proofread is reading at once in your computer and list the corrections in an errata sheet, both in a word document or an electronic mail.