Tips for Beginner Surfers


Surfing is a great way to stay active, and is also one of the best outdoor activities. However, as fun as it sounds, surfing can be challenging for a few. It’s not that easy to grab a board and balance on the water and ride the beautiful waves. But, it’s never too late to learn surfing. Here are a few tips for beginners.

  1. Get a basic surfboard – Avoid getting a surfboards used by professionals. When you’re learning, accept the fact that the surfboard is going to hit you and you may get injured. For beginners, get a surfboard which has a soft-top which will help to learn quicker and avoid getting injured.
  2. Surf with few people around –Try practicing your surfing skills where it’s less crowded. This will surely help you to learn faster and get a few new skills.
  3. Start on the ground before hitting the water – Before heading out straight into the water, take a few minutes and practice skills like pop-up right on the beach.
  4. Take an extra paddle – Beginners should carry an extra strong paddle while learning to surf. The paddle will help one to tackle the waves, land on the water smoothly, and paddle back if one drifts deep into the ocean.
  5. Wear the right outfit – Wearing a good pair of board shorts helps when you’re on the beach surfing or just relaxing. Grab a set of big men’s board shorts to give you that extra comfort and doesn’t tear-off easily. To be a surfer, one must also look the part.