Different Types Of Oils Used In Massage Therapies

Courtesy- BF1 Malaysia

There are various types of oils and lotions used in massage therapies around the world. The question that arises is, which oil is best for massage? Here is a list of different oils that are popularly used by massage therapists around the world:

1. Sesame Oil

This oil is made from sesame seeds and is rich in minerals. It helps to soften the skin and is a good choice for treating problems such as eczema and arthritis. More research can be done through health courses Sydney.

2. Jojoba Oil

This oil is rich in vitamin E and is made from extracting the seeds of the jojoba plant. It is famous for its antibacterial properties and the ease of absorption. It does not irritate the skin which means it is often used by massage therapists. Moreover, although it is slightly expensive, this oil can be stored for longer periods of time as compared to other oils.

3. Sweet Almond Oil

This oil is commonly used in massage therapies due to its property of being oily and allowing efficient absorption as compared to other oils. Moreover, this oil is rich in vitamins and nourishes dry skin leaving behind a refreshed look on the skin.

4. Coconut Oil

This dense oil has a strong aroma and needs to be heated before use and can be combined with other essential oils for therapy. This oil is ideal for dry skin.

To conclude, there are various types of oils used by masseuse in massage therapies.