Heart Failure – Brief On The Causes, Symptoms and Treatments Offered

Heart failure does not mean that has stopped pumping blood to the body, but it is characterized by an insufficient quantity of blood reaching the heart and the remaining portion of the body. It is essential that older persons and those associated with their eldercare understand heart failure to be able to prevent, identify, and treat the situation, as older persons are in higher risk for developing heart problems. 

Some specific disorders categorized under heart failure include: 

• Dropsy

• Left-side (systolic) heart failure – lower levels of blood are pumped from the heart. People who have left-side failure inevitably will have right-side failure.

• Right-side (diastolic) heart failure – this affects the heart's capacity to fill with blood and pump blood to the lungs. Some symptoms of RSHF include shortness of breath, fatigue, and fluid build-up in the feet, legs, liver, abdomen, and sometimes in the veins of the neck. 

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The blood serves as a vehicle for oxygen that the center moves around the body to aid in important biological processes. The heart can grow weak as time passes that leads to heart disease. 

The differences that occur between left and right side failure are due to the proven fact that blood enters the center through the right side that is then delivered to the lungs to grab oxygen. The left side is then used to pump the oxygenated blood to the remaining portion of the body, to yet again go back to the center after being relieved of its oxygen content.