Do You Have to Be Handsome to Get Girls?

Probably the majority of men these days assume that to get a girl interested in them, they will have to be handsome, or at least average looking. If a man is below that, he will never find a girlfriend whom he actually desires. But is this really the truth? Do men have to be good looking to get women? The answer to this can't actually be summed up with just one word.

The thing is that women do appreciate a man who is good looking. There is no doubt about it. But this is not all they are looking for in a man. This is why even handsome guys are still often single – because they lack certain things that women are looking for in a man.

For example, a guy who is good looking but has no personality to speak of will still have an extremely hard time to find a girlfriend. Personality plays a huge role in attraction. This is why an ugly guy can get a girlfriend if he has a good personality. Women often even prefer him over an attractive man, just because what he lacks on the looks apartment, he makes up with his charm.

This is why someone who wants to get girls attracted to him, needs to shift his focus away from becoming the most handsome and improve his character instead. Sure, he should always look his best, but his looks will take him only so far. If he can show women what an awesome guy he is, he will get further than someone who only relies on his looks.

So, does a man have to be handsome to get girls? Absolutely not! His looks will be a bonus, but in the end, if he is an interesting person, women will still find him attractive despite his appearance. He just needs to stop worrying about his looks and focus on his strengths instead.