Golovkin Will Upset Canelo

There is no better way to enjoy and relive what the boxing industry had lost but to put the best fighters in the ring and enjoy what they intend to showcase. September 16 is going to push through about the Canelo vs Golovkin live stream fight and almost everyone are anticipating and eyeing on this to happen. Time after time as the fight draws to close, a lot are saying that Golovkin is at the best of his division middleweight and had proved his way up to the top professional ranks by his talent and immense power punching skill. Canelo on the other hand are in the edge of doubt if he will be able to deliver his speed and counter punching skill against Golovkin however is it enough to put down the gloves of his opponent, everything will still have to happen and it will be a long way still. On the other side of the coin, there are hopeful individuals rooting still for Canelo saying that Golovkin is not really that strong but he is just a tough and hard fighter to face.

The truth to the matter is Golovkin is a feared fighter in the middleweight division and this will be a very hurdle to accomplish on Canelo since this will be the first time that he is going to face a very tough contender oppose to his weight class. A lot have shed their sentiments about the fight that Canelo will be just lucky enough to reach the 12th round and hold on. Canelo will have to work on his defensive skills if he wants to withstand the shear punching power of Golovkin, not to mention that Golovkin is a very accurate puncher as well. overall, this will be an explosive event that is going to happen and this time, this will not be another rip off fight similar to what happened to the Mayweather Jr. and Pacquiao fight.

Canelo versus GGG: International Press-Tour Recap

Middleweight World Champion Canelo Alvarez (49-1-1, 34 KOs) and Middleweight World Champion Gennady "GGG" Golovkin (37-0, 33 KOs) today finished off their worldwide press visit with a celebrity main street film debut for "I am Boxing" at the AVALON Hollywood that incorporated a Q&A board facilitated by Mario Lopez. Canelo versus Golovkin are set to conflict on Saturday, September 16 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas created and disseminated live by HBO Pay-Per-View®. The following is the thing that the warriors and their promoters needed to state on the press visit: CANELO ALVAREZ, Lineal and RING Magazine Middleweight World Champion:

"This will be an extremely intense battle against Golovkin. There are battles that are troublesome, and this is one of them. I will get ready like I generally do at 100 percent. "I'm glad we are giving the fans the battle they needed and requested on September 16 as that is an awesome inspiration to me. This is an essential battle to all of Mexican fans, and I am will prepare as hard as I generally do." GENNADY "GGG" GOLOVKIN, WBC/IBO/IBF/WBA Middleweight World Champion: "This press visit has been going extraordinary, I've been holding up 20 years to be in a battle this way. Canelo is an unexpected person in comparison to anybody I have each confronted. He is a colossal contender and an extraordinary champion. On September 16, we will both put on an awesome boxing appear." OSCAR DE LA HOYA, Chairman and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions: "Canelo versus Golovkin is the sort of battle that merits the spotlight and we are getting that. I am satisfied to make a big appearance a film, 'I Am Boxing' featuring the middleweight division paving the way to this noteworthy confrontation with Canelo and Gennady, and I am exceptionally pleased to have been an official maker on the film. "On September 16, Canelo versus Golovkin will convey to say the very least. This is a genuine middleweight battle between two warriors who have been boxing their whole lives and something the fans truly called for, and I accept will end in a knockout." TOM LOEFFLER for GGG Promotions:

"There has been such an extraordinary reaction to this battle, and it doesn't get any greater than this with the two best middleweights battling each other. "These two geniuses have an enormous universal fan base and when you set up them both together-the occasion turns out to be significantly greater. It was harder to make the arrangement mystery than it was to keep it-everybody was overwhelmed and online networking was truly slanting. "At the point when the preparation camp video turns out, the buildup will continue building and building once everybody sees these contenders in their prime. Group Gennady feels exceptionally sure as does Canelo-the two warriors wouldn't take the battle in the event that they thought they wouldn't win." BERNARD HOPKINS, Future Hall of Famer and Golden Boy Promotions Business Partner: "I expect firecrackers in this battle come September 16, however I additionally take a gander at the fans, and see this is the thing that they need. This is a battle deserving of a celebrity central since they are two future champions-and I trust two future Hall of Famers.

"I feel that Canelo's adaptability will be vital come September, as will "GGG"s" power and knockout proportion. Everybody ought to know, however not frightened, as this battle has every one of the makings of an ideal formula for an extraordinary battle."

Canelo Alvarez will fight Miguel Cotto this November 21

Miguel Cotto and Canelo Alvarez are both prepared to face each other on November 21 at the Mandalay Bay Events, Las Vegas for the Middleweight Championship.

Recently, Canelo’s hand speed videos are released all over the internet. The video shows how much Canelo is ready to square off Cotto inside the ring. He has improved his hand speed undoubtedly. More so, this just keeps the excitement even better. Fans across the globe are expecting to witness action-packed match up between the two. For several months of training, Canelo is evidently equipped with strength, endurance and power to show an improvement of his past performances.

The mega fight between Cotto and Canelo is the most anticipated boxing match of the year, following the disappointment of fans of the Mayweather-Pacquiao bout last May. Fans are hungry for a real boxing scene that outshines the rest.

Now the Mexico-Puerto Rico rivalry is up again for an ultimate battle. These nations are definitely proud of both Cotto and Canelo in bringing honor to each hometown. With a few days left before the bout, the two continue to believe in oneself to claim the victory. Make sure to secure Cotto vs Canelo tickets before it will be sold out. Let us be part of another history in boxing.