Some Automatic Control Valve Accessories

Automatic Control valve fittings are quite different, some are extremely vital for the operation of the entire machine. Positioners are chief accessories.

Pneumatically operated valves rely upon a positioner to have an input signal in the process control and convert it into valve travelling.

‘Automatic control valve’ (Which is also known as  ‘วาล์วควบคุมอัตโนมัติ‘ in the Thai language ) manifold is likewise a crucial sort of controller valve attachment. Image result for ol valveThe actuator type along with the desirable fail-safe operation determine the choice of the suitable automatic control valve.

Limit switches additionally have an intimate relationship with valves. Even the cam-operated type is typically combined in combination with 2 to four separate switches run by movement of the valve stem cells.

A meeting which mounts on the face of this actuator houses the buttons. Each switch adjusts independently and may be furnished for alternating current or direct current techniques. Other forms of valve-mounted limitation switches can also be offered.

Supply pressure regulators generally knew as air seats, that may decrease vegetation air distribution to valve positioners and other control equipment.

Pneumatic lockup systems have been used in combination with control detectors to lock existing actuator loading pressure at the eventuality of supply pressure collapse.

The unit can be applied in combination with volume tanks to go the valve into the open or shut position on lack in pneumatic air distribution. Normal operation resumes mechanically with restored distribution pressure. Functionally similar structures are offered for control detectors with diaphragm actuators.

The electro-pneumatic transducer receives an immediate current input and works on the torque engine, nozzle-flapper, and electrical relay to automatically convert the electric signal into a proportional pneumatic output. And the electro-pneumatic positioners can be found in electric control loops to work pneumatic diaphragm automatic control valve actuators.