Need and origin of digital currency

If you have been around to internet or any news station then you might have heard of digital currency a few weeks earlier. Satoshi Nakamoto a Japanese software developer is known to be the creator of digital Currency known as bitcoins.

Bitcoins are a digital currency which is not been printed anywhere in the world. It can be related to a complex mathematic algorithm which is used as an Electronic currency for fund transfer. All the transfer which is associated with bitcoin is stored and recorded in a global ledger known as Block Chain.

Block chain is a ledger where only transactions can be seen without seeing any personal information of the user; this means that the detail of the person transferring the fund is not shown in this fund transfer.

According to Satoshi Nakamoto, these bitcoins are not owned by a single person. He also claims that there can’t be more than 21 million bitcoins available in market at a time. These are known to be fast and quick money transfer available in the world.

With the introduction of bitcoins, the digital money was considered to be safer as it was not under any bank or company. Even in an online newsletter Palm Beach Confidential by Teeka Tiwari there are certain training videos and newsletters which can help you understand various investment related items, cryptocurrency, and stocks.

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