How Web Developers can Simplify Design

5 Things Designers Can Do to Simplify User Interface of a Website

User interface of your website needs to be simple enough so that everyone can easily understand how to find the required information on your site. As such, the main aim of your web design firm should be to reduce design complexities so that visitors can easily browse your site.
Here we will explore some important points designers need to look into while designing your website.

How to simplify user interface of a website?

web design firmA few of the steps web designers can take to simplify design of your site include:
Utilize Progressive Disclosures
• Perform Contextual Actions 
• Create Visual Hierarchy 
• Reduce Visual Noise 
• Use of icons

Utilize Progressive Disclosures

Progressive disclosures help in reducing clutter as well as cognitive overhead. This is achieved by concealing elements that are less frequently used. These design elements are only shown when user performs a specific action (like mouse click or use of a keyboard shortcut). Your web design firm must determine which design elements are used frequently and others which are utilized less frequently to take necessary steps.

Perform Contextual Actions

This refers to the practice of showing necessary controls relevant to any specific page element when required. For example, a contextual menu can be shown only when a visitor right clicks on a certain design element. It is also worth mentioning here that many web visitors will not be able to know about such contextual action, thereby reducing their effectiveness.
As such, your web design firm should add contextual controls next to design elements requiring visitor action. Designers should show controls relevant to a particular design element only when it is chosen by visitor or is in focus.

Create Visual Hierarchy

Another step which can be taken by your web design firm to simplify user interface involves alignment of page elements to a simple grid. The benefit of this type of alignment will be reduction in your site's perceived complexity. By implementing a grid and by meticulously aligning page elements to such grid, designers will be able to improve its visual appeal and simplify the design so that visitors can effortlessly browse your site.
Reduce Visual Noise
User interface will look complex and difficult to use if there is a lot of visual noise. Additionally, incorrect use of contrast can increase visual noise further. Your web design firm will have to focus on using design elements that have lower contrast so that it becomes easier to reduce visual noise.

Use of icons

User interface of your website will look complex if proper labels are not used for icons present on the site. Similar icons should be grouped together so that visitors can easily understand the task any particular icon performs.

A Final Note

From the above details it is quite clear that simplifying user interface design can be an uphill task. However, designers can accomplish this task by properly managing involved complexities.

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