Different Types Of Hoses And Their Uses

The tool is a means to transfer large quantities of gas or liquid from one place to another. While some designs permit the rubber to be more rigid than other designs, 1 thing each type has in common is its flexible nature.

These hoses or pipes are known for their flexibility because of that they are called as flexible tap connectors (which is also known as ก๊อกน้ำแบบยืดหยุ่น in the Thai language). However, several different styles are available to meet your precise needs. 

flexible hose


Also known as a universal design, garden hoses are among the most commonly found applications. This type has connectors, frequently at both ends so that it can be connected to not only a spigot but also a sprayer or sprinkler.

Braking Systems

In all motor vehicles, there is a tube that supplies brake fluid into the wheels to be able to reduce friction between the pad and rotor as the brake pedal is pressed. However, there are other kinds of hoses used in braking systems on some applications.

Air Ducts

Unlike air tubes, which provide air to braking systems and breathable oxygen into undersea divers, air ducts are used in construction operations.

Food Grade

Businesses such as restaurants and cafeterias must employ food grade hoses in their cleaning and support applications. Tubing that dispenses a liquid such as sodas or water must meet certain criteria in the Food and Drug Administration.