Day 4 (12/27/12) – Winter Solstice Journey to Salvation Cont’d

Jeremy Collins is quoted as saying “Sometimes the best journeys aren’t necessarily from east to west, but from heart to head. Between them we find our voice.” As Peter and I began the forth day of our journey our souls reawakened in anticipation of the adventure ahead.

Tesla Factory – Fremont, CA
It was a brand new day overflowing with warmth and sunshine as we set off for Fremont, CA to visit the Tesla Factory. Just as my expectations of the car were exceeded, so too were those of its birth place. Our timing was perfect. We were greeted with an engaging group of Tesla loyalists who invited us to join their tour led by the knowledgeable Tesla team member, John H. After only a few minutes, I was witnessing the wonderment and exaltation of Charlie Bucket exploring Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory on an episode of Discover Channel’s How It’s Made. Far from being a car enthusiast, I found myself just as fascinated by the size, scope, organization, teamwork and technology. In fact, at one point we as a group were fully entranced for about 30 minutes as we witnessed the assembly line in action. It was clear, Tesla’s competencies spanned a multitude of areas and all of its stakeholders were deservingly proud. I was sold. At the conclusion of the tour, Peter’s eyes widened when our guide whispered to him, “Next time, don’t risk reaching a range of 1 mile.” Apparently, the guide had been following our trek along with dozens of others which was both flattering and intimidating as we looked to not only ensure a successful trip, but to supply entertaining feed.

Tesla Dealership – Menlo Park, CA
Our next stop was the Tesla dealership in Menlo, CA where Peter was to switch to all-season tires allowing for better traction, control and thus more efficiency during our cold weather precipitous inclines. I took this opportunity to indulge in a much desired and deserved meditative run through Menlo Park. This cathartic outlet was food for the soul and what was supposed to be a 2.5 mile jog turned into 4 miles of pure bliss. I returned to find Peter chatting with another electrical engineer who recently purchased a Model S while he waited for Sunrise to finish her bath (the dealership insisted she not exit the service door until her coat was as shiny as the day she was born).

Final Destination – Los Angeles
With all three of us refreshed (Peter, Sunrise and I) a couple of IPAs were in order so we hit up Menlo Grill adjacent to the dealership in preparation for the next venture to Gilroy en route to our final destination. In Gilroy, we devoured In-N-Out burgers (which I had not yet tried) while the car super-charged next to SIG1058. We returned to find another local owner #1459 charging as well. After a quick charge followed by a strawberry milkshake at Harris Ranch we arrived in the City of Angels around midnight. In just a couple more days we will have traveled almost 2,000 miles powered by about 20 hours of charge time!

Apx Miles Traveled/Charge Time Since Day 1: 1000 mi /19 HRS
Song of the Day: Equestrian by US Royalty

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