Chiropractic For CrossFit Athletes

Crossfit has become a very popular exercise and work out routine.  It’s a very intense exercise and with its rise in popularity, it has come under fire a bit due to the amount of injuries people have been getting while doing the exercises.

We happen to treat a lot of CrossFit athletes at my Chandler chiropractic office so I decided to give the workout a try for myself.  It turns out that the workout I was told would be intense was, in fact, very intense!  I almost threw up the 1st couple time I went there!  Keep in mind I’m in my 40’s and was trying to keep up with all the twenty-somethings.  One thing that struck me was the fact that the coaches were all very much into making sure everyone had and was using proper form with the lifts.  They were stressing form over the amount of weight people were lifting, while at the same time encouraging people to push themselves.

I think the bad rap that CrossFit has gotten for causing injuries is not the fault of CrossFit itself.  After all, someone can hurt their back lifting 5 pounds off the ground if they do it wrong.  The problem is that in any high intensity workout, egos tend to get in the way and people try to lift more weight at the expense of form.  That is the fault of the individual, not the sport.  We certainly encourage any athlete to stop in to our Chandler chiropractic office anytime they feel like they need a tune-up.

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