How to Text a Girl You Like

If a girl gives you her number, she usually hopes to get a message or call from you. This means, that she is somewhat interested in you. Although, this fact probably did not come as a big surprise to you, there is one thing you should always keep in mind whenever texting a girl – make your text messages fun.

Since sending a text message to a girl they barely know is a real challenge to some men, they try to do it in a manner that guarantees a response from her. But this is where the problem arises for most of them – they just don't know what to start with or send a really bland, boring message where they basically ask her a general question she has to reply.

The very first thing you have to keep in mind when you are sending a text message to a girl you like is to make it as fun as possible. This means that you should send her something you two have already discussed or made inside jokes about. This works so well because it brings her back to that fun moment and helps her to experience it again.

The one thing you should however avoid is to send a message where you basically come off as boring. This means that you should avoid all general greetings or enquires about her. Because if you manage to add at least a bit humor into your messages, you will be better off than the majority of guys she gets messages from.

For this reason, add a little humor in every text conversation you have with a girl. It doesn't even have to be super funny, but it needs to make her smile when she receives a message from you. Think about it this way – if your message makes you laugh, it will be good enough to send to her.

The golden rule with texting a girl is usually to keep it short and fun. If you do that, you will have no problems with texting girls.

The Reasons Behind the Popularity of IPTV

Internet protocol TV, more popularly known as IPTV, is a recent development in the world of TV content distribution.  It differs greatly from traditional platforms used for transmitting TV content in a variety of ways. It is no wonder then that many people are switching over to this novel platform. Here is a look at the main motivation behind this transformation:

Easy to Customize TV Experience

When you sign up with a conventional TV service provider, you are restricted to the content they offer on their program guides. With IPTV, this does not have to be the case. You can use services such as catch up TV, start over TV as well as video on demand to access your most preferred TV content when it is most convenient for you. As a matter of fact, it is possible to pause and even rewind content being transmitted via an IPTV service.

Almost Unlimited Content

Traditional TV services restrict you to watch a particular set of channels and programs. If a certain TV show is not part of the subscription you signed up to, the only way you can access it on a conventional TV service is by upgrading your subscription. With IPTV though, you can add more content to your current service with a simple download of an IPTV M3u Playlist file.

There are many more benefits of IPTV. Head over to for more information and options for subscription.

Save Your Money: Use Hay Day Cheats

Hay Day is a super fun, addicting game that has quickly become one of the most popular free games out there. Although the game itself is free to play, you can spend actual money purchasing things that will help you to get further along in the game. You can play for a long time and still not get all the things that you need for your farm without spending some of your cash. Now, there are hay day cheats that will allow you to get more diamonds, gold and other resources much more quickly than if you played without them, and they are absolutely free! No more paying for the things you need to create the biggest, more profitable farm in all of Hay Day Country.

Instead of paying money to help yourself grow more crops to trade and sell, you can use cheats and tricks to help get the things that you need more quickly. Before you know it, you will have a plentiful bounty and a farm filled with structures and animals. You will be king of the roadside market and the wealthiest farmer in all the land. Hay Day tricks and cheats can be just what you need to put yourself and your farm on top!

Learn To Practice Phone Etiquette

Some people can be very annoying with their phones. They think that because they are comfortable with their bad behavior everyone else is. If you underestimate this principle, you will end up being considered rude. I personally do not like being around people with loud ringing tones.

If you get somewhere and they require you to put off your phone or put it on silent mode, you should do so without trying to resist. If you cannot endure doing that, it would be advisable to leave the place. If your case is exceptional, you can try talking to them and there is a high probability they will here you out and allow you to leave it on.

If you are near people and your phone rings, walk away and pick your phone elsewhere say like 10 foot. People do not want to hear your private conversations unless they are stalkers. Be cautious of people you see eavesdropping you.

If you are in a meeting, you should concentrate on the discussion and put your phone away. If you keep getting tempted to view a certain site then you can block the site altogether. At your free time, you can unblock the blocked site and continue surfing. You see, unblocking blocked sites is the best way you can work with the websites for the best results.