Do you know the benefits of Iodine?

Do you know all the benefits of iodine?  Iodine is used for healthy thyroid function and many other processes as well.  Most of the people think of iodine only plays role in our metabolism by producing Thyroid hormone.  Iodine does play big role in that but it also has many other health benefits as well.   At our weight loss clinic we use iodine supplementation to recharge thyroid gland but it brings many other health benefits to patients and that is why they consider us the Best Weight Loss Program in Nashville.

In women iodine is also found in ovaries and breast tissues.  It helps desensitizing estrogen receptors in breast and decrease the production of estrogen in overactive ovaries.  This is really help for women’s health because most commonly when iodine productions goes down, women’s chances of getting breast cancer rises.  Iodine also helps reduce the blood vessel growth in cancerous tumors.  One of the main reason cancers grow so fast is because it makes its own blood vessels to get blood.  There has been many studies done to show, how iodine helped reduce cancer or prevent cancer as well. 

Consumption of iodine has decrease significantly in last couple decades and there for rises in metabolic syndromes and cancers have gone up too.  Make sure you supplement yourself with iodine if you are deficient in it.

Dentals tips for those with diabetes

One of the many health dangers of diabetes is a decrease in oral health makes patients vulnerable to gum disease. In accordance with dental professionals, this occurs because the entire body's circulation impedes, making the gums more prone to disease. To shield against this illness, follow the following easy suggestions.

You need to never miss a dental appointment because diabetics are at a greater risk of gum disease compared to the average patient. You need to schedule routine checkups two to four times annually including professional cleanings and regular assessments of common mouth ailments, like dry mouth ulcers, and other dieseases. It might be wise to eat before you see your dentist to stop bouts of low blood glucose. It is vital that you simply tell him or her of any oral difficulties you might be having — no matter how really minor they might appear.

This will definitely definitely help remove the plaque that may cause gum disease, thus lowering your own risk for diseases and mouth ulcers. Since your danger of oral disease is elevated, it is necessary to prevent competitive cleaning that could cause sores and wounds. Be sure to check out North Vancouver Dentist if your in need of a dentist who truely cares.

Three Habits To Spark Weight-loss

If you want to start losing weight, there are a few things you need to do to start shedding the pounds off. The doctor from GreenLife Wellness explains three simple methods on how he has helped hundreds of people drop weight quickly and help them keep it off. 

The first helpful way is intermittent fasting. This is a way of spacing out your meals so you are only eating in an 8 hour window during the day. This helps your body go into fat burning mode more easily and help you shed the pounds quicker. To start, try intermittent fasting three days of week by eating from 12pm-8pm each day. 

Second, if you are geared toward losing weight, try using the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) technique to boost fat loss.  This form of exercise entails pushing to a high intensity for a short duration rather than exercising at a moderate pace for a long period of time. This causes your body's metabolism to stay raised for a longer period of time after you are finished exercising, increasing the amount of calories your burn. 

The final habit to spark weight-loss is reducing your sugar intake. Better yet, don't eat processed sugar at all. If you are trying to drop some pounds of fat off your body, this is one of the most important things you can do. The amount of sugar someone consumes can be nearly directly correlated to the amount of excess body weight they carry. Some people struggle with this habit because they crave the taste of sugar. In order to help eliminating sugar, start by adding more nutritious foods into your diet like vegetables. It won't be easy at first, but after your tastebuds re-adjust to not having sugar, vegetables and other foods will begin to taste good once again. By reducing or eliminating sugar in your diet, you can expect to put weight-loss into warp speed. 

An Innovation : HCG Injections For Fertility

Gonadotropins are given by injection when we want to help our body produce more fertility hormones. This way, we can:

  • Stimulate ovulation if the natural gonadotropin or estrogen levels are very low( this happens to the women who exercise a lot or who don’t eat healthy)

  • Heal irregular or no ovulation

The treatment starts in day 2 or 3 of the menstrual cycle for 7 to 12 days. During the treatment, the ultrasound observes the size of the developing eggs and also the blood frequency. This way, we can check the ovarian production of estrogen. It makes you ovulate within 36-40 hours after the injection.

Before beginning the treatment, the woman should evaluate her health, from blood tests, to physical examination.

The treatment usually contains FSH injections. But if the woman does not have regular menstrual periods and who has very low levels of LH and FSH require a preparation containing both LH and FSH.

HCG injections are part of the fertility treatment and helps you to do the insemination procedures at the right time. Don’t forget about the side effects. Let’s see:

  • Mood changes ;

  • Water retention ;

  • Pain in the spot where the injection was made ;

  • Nausea ;

  • Vomiting ;

There are also other more serious complications like:

  • Severe hyperstimulation occurs in 25 % of the cases and you may experience symptoms such as diarrhea, pain in your abdomen, bloating, vomiting and a feeling of tenderness. ;

  • Bleeding or even rupture of ovarian cysts ;

  • Multiple pregnancy, twins or triplets ;

At the same time, the chance of multiple pregnancy is higher and about two thirds of births are twins. The other third represents triplets or other multiple births.

Apart from helping with infertility, HCG can also be a good addon for your weight loss diet, the drops being the prefered form.