Chiropractic For CrossFit Athletes

Crossfit has become a very popular exercise and work out routine.  It’s a very intense exercise and with its rise in popularity, it has come under fire a bit due to the amount of injuries people have been getting while doing the exercises.

We happen to treat a lot of CrossFit athletes at my Chandler chiropractic office so I decided to give the workout a try for myself.  It turns out that the workout I was told would be intense was, in fact, very intense!  I almost threw up the 1st couple time I went there!  Keep in mind I’m in my 40’s and was trying to keep up with all the twenty-somethings.  One thing that struck me was the fact that the coaches were all very much into making sure everyone had and was using proper form with the lifts.  They were stressing form over the amount of weight people were lifting, while at the same time encouraging people to push themselves.

I think the bad rap that CrossFit has gotten for causing injuries is not the fault of CrossFit itself.  After all, someone can hurt their back lifting 5 pounds off the ground if they do it wrong.  The problem is that in any high intensity workout, egos tend to get in the way and people try to lift more weight at the expense of form.  That is the fault of the individual, not the sport.  We certainly encourage any athlete to stop in to our Chandler chiropractic office anytime they feel like they need a tune-up.

Garcinia Cambogia Review & Success Stories around the World

I lost 50 pounds five years ago but later gained it back. I have been having a difficult time getting restarted with healthy eating and physical exercise.

I have been looking for a weight loss product that actually works without the usual side effects. Though I love cakes, pizza, ice cream and many other foods I have had to give up most of them to reach my weight loss goals.

I have tried many types of fat burners and diet pills but none seems to work. During all that time I did 30 minutes exercise at least three times a week but there was very little success. I felt discouraged and disappointed. When I first heard about the benefits people have received after taking Garcinia Cambogia I was a little skeptical but decided to give it a try. To my pleasant surprise the product seems to work for me.

Two months ago I started taking the product. I was determined to achieve the same success that other people were talking about. I even kept an accurate record of all the meals I was taking and their calorie count. I made sure that I walked for at least 30 minutes daily. I decided that I was going to stick to this weight loss program for one month and see if I could achieve any results.

After a month, I had lost 20 pounds. Though I cheated a little with an occasional glass of yoghurt or bar of chocolate, I tried as much as I could to watch my calorie intake. It’s now been two months since I started taking Garcinia Cambogia extract (HCA) and I plan to continue with this program because I am happy with the results.

It took me about two weeks to start noticing positive changes that I could attribute to Garcinia Cambogia. Some of those changes are:

  • I felt full of energy from morning to evening and was never exhausted at the end of the day.
  • I felt that my blood sugar was more stable than it had been when I was using diet pills and fat burners.
  • I felt full for longer and my cravings for fast foods and soda reduced.
  • I never experienced the migraine and diarrhoea I had with fat burners and diet pills.
  • My appetite reduced significantly.
  • I felt happier, calm, less nervous and more confident.

Where can I buy Garcinia Cambogia?

You can get Garcinia Cambogia products at many local stores or order direct from the manufacturers (from the Gud Health Tips site)

I highly recommend Garcinia Cambogia for people hoping to shed excess weight. However, let nobody lie to you that this product has some magic way to burn the extra calories you take and the fat stored in your body. What it does is to support your weight loss program but you need to exercise often and watch what you eat.

Improved Vision with Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery is currently the preferred treatment for refractive visual impairments. Most people consider eyeglasses too cumbersome and contact lenses too uncomfortable. On the other hand, the lasting benefits of laser eye surgery seem too tempting to resist. For more information about Lens Implantation for Myopia or Hypermetropia you can check online.

You can read more about laser eye surgery online, or you can talk to your doctor about the prospects of the treatment. The procedure is practically invasive since it'll make incisions on your cornea, so your health is considered along with the expected benefits to determine if you're qualified.



Laser eye surgery is performed on the eye's cornea, the part which refracts light and affects accurate vision. Think of the cornea as a lens which lets you see the world in proper perspective. Unfortunately, some people have misaligned or malformed corneas, thereby affecting the angle of refraction and the quality of vision.

If the cornea is too steep, the vision is distorted and causes myopia (or nearsightedness); on the other hand, a flattened cornea is responsible for hyperopia (or farsightedness). Laser eye surgery offers permanent treatment for both conditions, as well as for astigmatism, an impairment which involves an irregularly shaped cornea.

The surgery is pretty straightforward: a laser is used to create a flap in the cornea, one that's thin enough to make room for tissue extraction from underneath.

Surgeons previously used a microkeratome for the extraction, an instrument with a disposable blade, but this option is phased out in favor of guided, precision lasers. You can get more info on LASIK here, but your doctor can also recommend options that complement your condition.



Dental Health Care with Good Brushing Technique

Various tips are followed by all of us to stay our smile in one piece. The important factor that comes into our mind about this will be the dental care tips like flossing and brushing. It is true that brushing help in removing bacteria, which results in gum diseases and tooth decomposes. You can also visit orthodontie-adulte for more details about dental health care and services.

It is optional to brush the teeth, at least two times daily. In adding to that get the teeth efficiently cleaned, at least twice a year for ideal dental care. Brushing technique that we should follow is, First, Clutch the toothbrush under the gum line at a 45-degree angle.

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Smoothly jiggle the brush or go in little circles over the teeth and gums. Do again for every tooth. Brush the inner side of every tooth using the same jiggling movement. Gently brush the inside, exterior and chewing surface of every tooth using short back-and-forth caress. For chewing outside use a light back and forth movement. Lightly brush your tongue to take away bacteria and clean up breath.

Be sure your brush is the correct size. In general, smaller is better than the larger brush. Put the bristles at a 45-degree angle to the gum line, and start the instructions of the brush under the gums. Softly jiggle the bristles or go it in little circles over the tooth and gums. Brush the outside, the inside, and the chewing surfaces of your teeth. For chewing surfaces, employ a light rear and forth movement.