The Huawei P9 – Specs And Review

Smartphones are something that nowadays everyone wishes to have. There are different brands that today are offering phones with varied functionality and features. Huawei is one of the brands that have been manufacturing Smartphones at a reasonable rate. To have a closer look at the features of the Huawei P9, you may consider following:

The Craftsmanship

The Ascend P9 consists of a black sleek back that boasts of a 9 layer surface treatment. It features a micro pattern design that adds to its overall appeal and gives it a spin effect texture finish. Have a peek at, to know more about features of Huawei P9.

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The phone is ultra slim standing at a thickness of 6.5 mm. Along with its slim size, it is able to maintain its amazing functionality and features that are expected from any sort of Smartphone. It redefines the Smartphone experience from the outside all the way to the inside.

Huawei P9 has an indented power button key enhancing grasp and comfort during use. It is at the chassis middle making navigation and viewing convenient for all users.

The Camera

Huawei P9 offers an amazing camera experience. It has an 8MP BSI front camera incorporated with a blue glass infrared sensor. The sensor enhances photo clarity hence minimizing object deformations and the usual purple fringing many users experience when using their Smartphone’s.

It also has a 13MP rear camera which enables rich, unparalleled clear pictures indoors or at night with 1080p video recording. It also has a 720p playback to complete the experience.

Other features that make the camera amazing are the panorama Selfie feature. 

Facts of Currency Trading Success

When you learn the basic facts about forex trading, then forex trading for beginners can seem to be a bit easier for you. So take the time to obtain a comprehensive knowledge of the subject as this gives you an opportunity for success.

The fact is most people who start to trade Forex fail and it's a whopping 95% of all traders. The good news is you can win, if you have the right mindset and here we will give you both the advantages and disadvantages so you can see if you have what it takes to win. You can buy iraqi dinar rv via

So what are the advantages?

– There are always opportunities to make money, as currencies fluctuate and trend every day.

– There are always profit opportunities and never a recession, as one currency rises another must fall and vice versa.

Fact: 50 Years ago 95% of traders lost money trading Forex and the same ratio losses today despite all the advances in technology we have seen in computer processing power, software and the Internet – 95% of traders still lose.

So what you may say but think about the fact a little more and you will come to the following conclusions.

– Complicated software programs have not improved profits

– Speed and quality of news delivery has not improved profits

– Technology advances overall have made no difference to a number of winners

Types of Castors- What’s The Best All Rounder?

The use of castors only continues to increase by almost exponential terms in recent years. Just take a moment to stop and look around to see for yourself that nearly everywhere you look in your home, place of work, where you shop, there are castors performing vital tasks.

So many different kinds and varieties of design too, all to accommodate uncountable different situations where they're needed. In fact there are now even particularly designed models to work deep in the ocean depths, off of drilling platforms and even castors that have been specifically designed for NASA to travel with astronauts into deep space on the machinery that will soon be exploring the surface of Mars.You can visit to get industrial castors.

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So lately a group of industry experts decided to conduct a poll with the goal of determining what kind of castor was the most prevalent, the one model or type that was receiving the widest range of recognition and usage.

When poling was completed and the results were finally being equated they were a bit surprising, with so much focus on the high-tech developments in current years there was some expectation that the castors that integrate more of the latest up to date technology would be favored. It turns out that it's the usual midsized rubber-surfaced swivel model, like you would find on a shopping cart at your local grocery store, this is a fine castor too because it's just so navigable.

Shopping for Kids Shoes

In order to determine whether your child is comfortable or not, you need to check the shoes of your child periodically. You must search for mainly stressed joints or worn areas. If sides of shoes are bulging and toes bending that means the shoes do not fit suitably. Shoe shopping must always be performed later in evening or afternoon because the feet are swelled over the day.

The shoes of kids should have Velcro, laces or some additional fastening system. Slip-on or backless shoes should be avoided for kids. You need to search for the shoes that are made by breathable materials like leather or canvas. These shoes help in preventing blisters, discomfort as well as smell. If you want to buy kids shoes then, you can browse

While choosing shoes for children, the heels should be avoided because they cannot properly walk and their foot is not properly developed. As far as children's shoes are concerned, you need to stick with soles as well as flats. You need to search for a textured or pattern sole because it provides traction by which your child is not easily slipped on polished surfaces.

Soles must be thick as well as sturdy for protecting feet from injury and pain, however, the soles should be flexible that can be twisted with foot. While buying kids' shoes, you must measure the feet of your child properly. While your child is standing, feet need to be measured and both feet should be measured at the same moment.