All About Talcum Powder Trials: Sympathy versus Science

Notwithstanding shortage of consensus in the technical community openly connecting talcum powder with the danger of ovarian cancer, estimators have sided with accusers rather than J&J in two out of six talcum powder claims that have left to trial. To get more info on talcum powder ovarian cancer click right over here.

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Though the accusers have presented studies dating back to the 1960s which reveal a connection between ovarian cancer and talc, J & J has in its store research demonstrating that it is little if any connection.

At the same time, plaintiffs from the Fox lawsuit, which led to a $72 million settlement, mentioned internal memos suggesting that J&J officials were conscious of decades of study but decided not to warn customers, instead of picking gain over people’s lives.

Attorneys introduced as proof a 1997 memo by a J&J medical advisor who stated that “anyone who denies [the] dangers” involving “sterile” talc use and ovarian cancer could be perceived in precisely the exact same light as those that denied a connection between smoking cigarettes and cancer”

And talcum powder is nowhere near the first product J&J has defended: a long run of the lawsuit, from Motrin to cool implants to get lenses have over tarnished its reputation.

The giant health-care firm has paid out a few billion dollars in civil settlements and criminal penalties, and it is shelling out tens of thousands of dollars to settle on talcum powder suits.