5 Skin Care Tips Your Doctor Would Recommend

Since your skin is an organ, nobody knows how to take care of it better than a doctor. The following tips are all doctor approved and can help you improve the look and health of your skin for life. The tips do not endorse any outrageously expensive cream or lotion or even on eof the many excellent Korean skincare products that are on the market, just the basic things you should be doing in your life to have beautiful skin that reflects your overall health and well-being.

1. Eat right. Research suggests that having plenty of vitamin C in a diet that doesn't include processed foods and unhealthy fats will keep skin looking younger. Re-write your menu to include lots of fruits and veggies, lean proteins and whole-grains and you should notice a remarkable difference in the quality of your complexion. Of course, water is the single most important element of a healthy skin regimen.

2. Always use sun protection. Doctors see the consequences of excessive sun exposure first hand and it's not pretty. Above and beyond the premature aging, there is also the risk of common skin cancers. Always wear sunscreen, enjoy your summer fun in the shade and cover-up with protective clothing at all times. Even if you are twenty-something and can't immediately see the damage, understand that it is still being done to your skin.

3. Be kind to your skin. Avoid prolonged baths in hot water or standing under a steaming shower, as this takes a toll on healthy skin. Use products with natural ingredients (the fewer, the better) and always pat yourself dry instead of rubbing. Use a lubricant when shaving and follow-up your daily routine with a rich and healthy moisturizer. Consider each time you bathe to be an opportunity to nourish and protect skin or to damage it with harsh habits.

4. Manage the stress in your life. Stress isn't healthy for any part of your body, but it is particularly damaging to your skin. It can lead to break-outs of acne or premature wrinkling, both of which will have you running for cover. Adopt healthy ways of dealing with and venting stress so that it doesn't eat you alive, like yoga, meditation or regular exercise. Something as simple as spending 20 minutes listening to relaxing music can help you unwind and de-stress.

5. Don't smoke and avoid second-hand exposure. Although well-known, the dangers of smoking still cannot be over-emphasized. The toxins in cigarette smoke deprive your cells (all of them) of needed oxygen and inhibit circulation. This is not just a lethal combination to the cells in your lungs, esophagus and other places, presenting the possibility of developing cancer, it dehydrates and poisons your skin beyond the reach of any product or professional. Second-hand smoke has been shown to be equally as damaging and dangerous, so avoid it at all costs.

Healthy skin is a reflection of a healthy body, one that is well-nourished and cared for. Use these doctor recommended tips in your life and you can expect to see improvement within a week or even less. Your skin is an organ that will respond to better conditions and once you see the difference, you will be hooked on a healthier way of life.

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